Terrified of speaking German? 5 Tips to beat the fear

Just the thought of speaking German makes you feel nervous? If you fear speaking German, you're not alone - there is a name for how you feel: foreign language anxiety. Here are some tips for reducing the fear:

1. Acknowledge your anxiety

Take responsibilty for your fears and accept that they are there. This will help you to find a way to deal with it.


2. Ask yourself: Why are you anxious?

It's important to work out why you have these fears. Anxiety is often generated from within us and it can attach itself onto unrelated things. If you develop a phobia of speaking German, it might be because something else in life is making you nervous.


3. Fear is a tricky human emotion

It can paralyse you, it can keep you from following your dreams and it makes you cower. But it also keeps you safe. The more you fight against it, the more it will grow. Fear tells us that we are in danger - so what would happen if you were suddenly without fear?


4. Focus on the here and now

Being mindful is a very good way of dealing with anxiety, because it helps you to step back from the situation. My coaching provides you with the skills needed to apply mindfulness in your everyday life.


5. Dealing with strong bouts of anxiety

Some of the common physical anxiety symptoms are: heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, a tight chest, sweaty palms as well as headaches and stomach aches. In the short term you can deal with these symptoms by putting your hand on your abdomen and concentrating on your breathing. This will help you to release the tension. In the long run you might want to consider seeking professional help.


About myself: My name is Natalie and I am half English and half German.  I provide counselling, psychotherapy and art therapy in German and English. The focus of my work lies on foreign language anxiety and my goal is to help people overcome inhibitions in speaking a new language. (I also offer this via phone)


You can book a first session by sending me a short email or by calling me: +49 40 46090233. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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