Looking for an English speaking therapist in Hamburg?

We all need a little help sometimes and positive change can happen with the right approach. But psychotherapy is about language and this can be difficult if you are living abroad. Read more about my work as an English speaking therapist in Hamburg:

It can be quite difficult to find an English speaking psychotherapist in Germany, especially if you are looking for someone who has experience with foreigners living abroad. Although nearly everybody in Germany speaks English, most of the German therapists get nervous as soon as they are expected to speak a foreign language. This can have negative effects on the therapy session, as the anxiety level in the therapist should of course be low.


Getting personal help is not an easy decision to make. If you want to make change happen, you will have to feel safe and secure enough to open up. This is especially difficult if the therapist does not speak your language. I am half English and half German and would consider myself a native English speaker, as English was my first language. If you are searching for counselling or psychotherapy in English, I would gladly offer my services. I'm a qualified and registered psychotherapist, appointed by the City of Hamburg and I also have a psychoanalytical education, as well as a degree in art therapy.


These are some of the issues I can help with: stress management, self esteem, work related issues, disability, relationship difficulties, couples counselling, adoption issues, identity problems, personal development, health-related issues, depression, eating disorders, anger management, cultural issues, anxiety and phobia as well as general counselling.


If you are interested in booking a first session, please call me (T: +4940 46090233) or send me a short email, I usually respond within a few hours. Looking forward to hearing from you!


More information: Fees and location


Read more about my therapy method: Healing the "inner child"

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