Are you an Expat in Hamburg, Germany, and struggling with symptoms of burnout?


Moving to a new country every couple of years can cause strong feelings of exhaustion, resignation or even hopelessness. A new job, a new home or a new baby can confront you with a series of changes in quick succession. Here are 3 tips for avoiding "change fatigue":

1. Learn who you are

We all have a purpose in life. If you feel no purpose or no direction in life, you are probably trying too hard to meet other people's expectations. Start understanding what your plan for your life could be by giving yourself more attention and listening more to your inner voice. If you are suffering from expat burnout, you are perhaps paying too much attention to other people's needs and problems.


2. Learn to say "No"

Start setting priorities and put yourself first. This can be difficult, but it's worth it. Be aware of the fact that people will always take advantage of someone who does not set clear boundaries. Your first priority should always be to protect yourself, because only then you will be able to be there for your family, friends and loved ones.


3. Life is not a competition

Don't compare yourself to others, because in the long run this will destroy your happiness. Learn to compete less and appreciate more and compliment the contribution of others. Actually, comparing yourself with others means that you are diminishing yourself. If you really need competition to be motivated, then start competing with the best possible version of yourself :)


I'm Natalie Marby, an English speaking therapist in Hamburg, Germany. I offer psychotherapy in English, especially for expats living in Hamburg. You can book an initial session by sending me an email or calling me: +49 40 46090233. (Please don't forget to send me your phone number and the times I can reach you). I look forward to hearing from you!


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Read more about my therapy method: Healing the inner child.

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