How to start couples counselling in Germany:


Are you thinking about starting couples counselling in Germany? Here are 5 things you should know before:

1. Couples counselling is not covered by the German health insurers

This is also the case for couples therapy: German health insurers do not cover these costs, as couples counselling and couples therapy are not considered as treatments for mental health issues.


2. Best working methods in couples counselling:

The methods considered to be working best in Germany are based on behaviour therapy, systemic therapy and analytic therapy. Behaviour therapy methods enable couples to communicate in a better way. Systemic therapy methods help couples to overcome negative thought patterns and perceptions, in order to change or improve the way couples think and feel about each other. Analytic therapy methods identify unconscious emotional reactions which lead to conflicts and enable the couple to end the vicious circle of arguments and discussions.


3. The role of a couples counsellor

The role of a couples counsellor in Germany is to facilitate communication and change. The counsellor should help the couple to listen to each other and to express their feelings without blaming or complaining. Many couples start couples counselling in an emotional state of pressure and negative feelings towards each other. The role of the counsellor is to help the couple to move from an emotional state of stress to a state where both can talk to each other in a productive way.


4. The success rate of couples counselling in Germany

Statistics show that every second couple is able to improve their relationship through couples counselling. The average length of couples counselling ranges from 5 to 15 sessions. The improved feeling due to the counselling statistically lasts at least two years, whereas 15 percent of the couples break up despite counselling. Most couples, however, state that the separation was easier for both and less painful after seeing a couples counsellor.


5. The price per session for couples counselling in Germany

Couples counsellors in Germany usually charge between 100 € and 180 € per session, depending on their experience and education. Most couples counsellors will arrange for a short phone call before scheduling the first session, in order to make sure that he or she is the right counsellor for you. Most counsellors in Germany speak fluent English, but it can be difficult to find someone who is willing to counsel in English. If you intend to start couples counselling with an English speaking counsellor, you should simply search Google for this, adding your current location. Most counsellors are registered in online counselling platforms for mental health issues, which makes it easier to be found.  


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