Coronavirus: Counselling online and over the phone in Hamburg, Germany


If you are isolated due to the coronavirus or if you simply don't like to leave your house these days, you can still access counselling services from home. Here are 3 reasons why online and phone counselling sessions work:

1: Phone and online Counselling allows clients to focus more on themselves

In a face-to-face session, clients can sometimes feel quite distracted, especially during the first few sessions. Without knowing, they tend to focus more on the counsellor, the surroundings and on how they can feel safe and more in control of the situation. This draws a lot of energy, which could be spent in a more productive way. The main goal for each counselling session should be to enable clients to connect with their own thoughts and emotions. However, if a client is too distracted by the surrounding aspects, it will be extremely difficult or sometimes even impossible for them to find this inner connection and to focus on what the counsellor is saying. In such cases, telephone counselling can help to factor out any external distractions in order to maximise the benefit you can get from a counselling session.

2: Convenience

Telephone and online counselling is convenient, as there are less logistical challenges: Patients don't need to get transportation to their appointments and they don't need to take time off of work in order to travel. Online counselling is also a way of helping people who do not have the means or opportunity to attend face-to-face sessions.

3: Less emotional barriers

Committing to an online counselling session will be far easier than committing to seeing a counsellor in a treatment room. People with mental health issues sometimes find it difficult to travel and so they often delay seeking help. In addition, counselling via phone offers far greater anonymity, so that clients will often find it much easier to open up about their problems.

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