Self-isolation: Online couples counselling in Hamburg, Germany


If you're a couple living in Hamburg, Germany and would like to start couples counselling in spite of self-isolation due to COVID-19, you can book a couples session online. Here's how it works:

Self-isolation can stretch relationships to breaking point

Divorce lawyers have predicted that it is very likely that the divorce rate will rise following self-imposed confinement, as it may force simmering tensions in the relationship to rise to the surface. To get through the COVID-19 outbreak, couples can do online couples counselling. I have been working as a couples therapist with expat couples for many years and I offer online couples sessions as well as sessions over the phone.

Why have a couples session over the phone?

If you are thinking of online couples counselling, your first idea will probably be to book a Skype session. In my view, however, Skype is not the best choice for couples counselling, as it can become very distracting. Couples sessions over the phone tend to be more effective and they allow each partner to focus more on themselves.

coronavirus: relationship advice for self-isolation

Many of us are now spending a lot more time than we are used to with our partners. Any issue that already existed before can become magnified. Here's what you can do:

  1. Keep the long-term in the back of your mind. How do you want things to be with your partner after this crisis? Understand that this is a particularly difficult time and that you're likely to get annoyed with your partner at times.
  2. Imagine you are enjoying a break together. Try to change the way you think about self-isolation. Imagine it's just like a holiday.
  3. If you can, spend time in different rooms. If you are able to, try and take walks by yourself (please follow the official advice). We all need alone time to emotionally regulate.
  4. Make sure you get some kind of stimulation and human connection from people other than your partner. Maybe you would like to read or to sign up to an online course. It can also help to have regular video chats with friends and relatives.
  5. Don't forget to be kind to each other. Kindness can sometimes be forgotten in relationships.

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About me:

I'm Natalie Marby, an English speaking therapist in Hamburg, Germany. I am half German and half British and I offer couples therapy in English, especially for expats living in Hamburg. I offer all my counselling sessions also over the phone as well as online. To contact me, you can send me an email or call me: +49040 46090233. (Please don't forget to send me your phone number and the times I can reach you). I look forward to hearing from you!

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