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Are you an expat, living in Germany and suffering from mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, addiction or relationship problems? It can help to seek professional help to lower the stress:

Psychotherapy & Counselling in English

Most expats in Germany would prefer to receive therapy sessions either in their native language or in English, as this allows to express themselves more freely, especially if the therapist integrates the client's cultural values into treatment. However, it can be very difficult to find an English speaking psychotherapist or counsellor in Germany, as most German mental health professionals are hesitant towards offering their services in English. I am a licensed therapist offering psychotherapy and counselling in English for foreigners living in Hamburg, Germany. I'm half British and half German and have specialised in the treatment of typical expat issues, such as loneliness, homesickness, feeling disconnected from yourself and others, anger, confusion, disorientation and frustration. Anxiety and depression are also common symptoms of expat culture shock. Learn more about my work

Culture shock: The expat syndrom

Having to experience a new way of life, a new set of beliefs, traditions and values can lead to an overwhelming feeling of disorientation. Whereas it is normal to feel sad and lonely at times and to miss your home culture, friends and family, in some cases the stress of adapting to a new culture can reach a level in which professional support is helpful. Common signs of this type of stress may include:

  • feeling homesick or lonely most of the time
  • crying for no reason
  • feeling depressed or anxious
  • sleeping difficulties
  • loss of appetite/overeating
  • increased physical problems
  • difficulty concentrating 
  • mood swings
  • feeling out of control
  • substance abuse (alcohol, drugs)
  • worrying about health
  • overthinking/negative automatic thoughts
  • work-related problems
  • relationship problems

How to be happy when you feel overwhelmed

The feeling of being overwhelmed is an emotion that is created by your thoughts and interpretations. At the beginning, expats often tend to expect the Germans to behave like the people at home. Comparing Germans to your fellow citizens or comparing German behaviour, traditions and rules with your home country will inevitably make you feel bad. Allmost all of my expat clients had to learn to create a more positive view on Germany and the Germans before they were able to feel better. But even if you love Germany and nevertheless feel sad and depressed while you are here, it can help to analyse your thought patterns and interpretations about yourself, the world and others. Changing the way we interpret situations by questioning the beliefs we have about relationships, life, society and the world around us can help tremendously when dealing with mental issues. Your therapist will help you with identifying these beliefs, as most of them are unconscious. Once you are able to deliberately chose the way you feel by choosing a thought that pleases you, you will be able to be happy, even within a stressful environment.

CBT for treating mental health issues:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. The goal of CBT is to help you change the way you feel and behave by changing your thought patterns, your beliefs and your interpretations of the world and of what is happening around you. Unhelpful behaviour is a way of dealing with emotional problems, and emotional problems are a result of habitual thoughts. Thinking patterns begin in childhood, when we start to give events meanings. However, with CBT it is not necessary to analyse the past in order to make you feel better. I always encourage my clients to focus on the present moment and to not get caught up in thinking about the past or the future. Being aware and mindful of what is happening at this very moment can be the key to a healthier and happier life. Being present fights anxiety, cuts down on your worrying and rumination and keeps you grounded and connected to yourself and everything around you. Choosing acceptance and living in the present is the fastest way to reframe your way of thinking and it can quickly improve the way you feel. Once you have consciously experienced the connection between thoughts and emotions, CBT offers a wide range of exercises which can help you stabilise a more positive mood, so that you live get the life you deserve.

About me:

I'm Natalie Marby and i'm an experienced and licensed English speaking therapist working in Hamburg, Germany. I also offer sessions online or via telephone. I'm bilingual (half British, half German) and I speak English fluently. I have been working as a mental health professional since 2011. You will find more information here:

How to contact me:

If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email or call me: +49 171 7700830. Thanks and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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