Anxiety therapy in Hamburg, Germany: Positive CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)


Are you finding it difficult to process stress in a healthy way? Is anxiety or phobia impacting your life? Positive CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) can be very effective for anxiety disorders:

Positive CBT: A proactive approach

Positive CBT combines the techniques of CBT with positive psychology. It helps you to become more aware of your strengths and enables you to take action. The focus of positive CBT is not on what is wrong with you, but instead on what is right with you and how you can use this to create what is best for you.

How positive CBT helps with anxiety:

The benefits of positive CBT for anxiety treatment are:

  1. It creates more positive emotions
  2. The results are sustainable and long lasting
  3. It helps build healthy habits
  4. It leads to feelings of accomplishment 

CBT enables you to relieve yourself of mental stress through identifying and correcting faulty thinking patterns and unhelpful learned patterns of behaviour. It highlights the importance of examining your thoughts and discovering how these thoughts make you feel and how this affects your behaviour. If you are experiencing anxiety, then you probably have a pattern of negative thoughts which often recur automatically. Positive CBT uses the techniques of CBT and focuses on what is working, instead of focusing on problems. The interventions are: changing the viewing, changing the doing, changing the feeling, homework tasks and evaluation.

Change the viewing: You can chose the way you think

This technique will help you to acknowledge your feelings, change what you pay attention to, focus on what you want and find helpful thoughts and behaviours. This intervention also includes developing more compassion towards yourself and seeing the possibilities instead of the problems.

Change the doing: Break the pattern

This step invites you to change your repeated actions by introducing new behaviour. Anxiety often persists because of repeated unhelpful behaviour which leads to stress and therefore prevents solutions.

Change the feeling: Focus on possibilities

When therapy focuses on problems, negative emotions can become stronger. A therapy that focuses on possibilities and solutions will increase positive emotions and will encourage new thoughts and behaviour. Creating feelings of confidence, trust, success, capability and competence is the main goal of positive CBT for anxiety disorders.

HOmework: Behavioral experiments

Change mostly happens in between therapy sessions. Some examples of positive CBT homework are: trying something new, finding evidence for positive thoughts, pretending that you are already in the future that you want for yourself. This homework will help you practice the principles you learnt during the sessions.

How long will it take to work?

Anxiety therapy successfully ends as soon as the clients feels better. This includes feeling of control, self management, self worth and trust. Usually my anxiety clients feel better after 4 sessions, depending on how willing they are to change their patterns of thinking.

Are you suffering from anxiety and looking for treatment in Hamburg?

I'm Natalie Marby, a licensed English speaking therapist in Hamburg. I offer psychotherapy and counselling for expats living in Germany. I specialise in anxiety and phobia, please feel free to call me on +49 40 46090233 or send me an email. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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