Therapy for life transitions and change in Hamburg, Germany


Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, mood swings, increased stress, irritability or lack of motivation due to life transitions or change? Here's how psychotherapy can help you feel normal again:

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, mood swings, increased stress, irritability or lack of motivation due to life transitions or change? Here's how psychotherapy can help you feel normal again:

Types of life transition:

Common events that people find difficult to adjust to are:

  • reaching a significant age
  • getting married
  • having a child
  • changing or losing your job 
  • retiring
  • divorce
  • chronic illness
  • injury
  • death of a loved one

Facing a major life transition can cause stress. Psychological intervention helps ease this stress, especially regarding feelings of failure, social disapproval and lack of self-esteem.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for life transition treatment

CBT helps you learn the skills to navigate the struggles that arise when transitioning between life stages. With CBT you will learn to clarify your values and understand that, as you transition between stages, your values can shift. CBT will help you set goals that are consistent with your values.

Clinical term: 'Adjustment disorder'

The clinical term for life transitions is adjustment disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps with treating adjustment disorders by getting clients back to their previous level of functioning. In addition, it helps with using and developing problem solving skills as well as teaching relaxation techniques for dealing with the feelings of stress. CBT also helps to understand one's reaction to the life change and it will encourage you to view it as a chance for positive change and improvement.

Are you going through a life transition?

Would you like to reexamine your life? If you feel stuck and unsure of how to proceed, therapy can help you find a way to better manage the changes. I'm Natalie Marby and I'm a licensed English speaking therapist in Hamburg, Germany. I offer psychotherapy and counselling for expats and I specialise in the treatment of typical expatriate issues. Read more about me and my work here:

If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to send me a message, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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