Anxiety · 04. Oktober 2020
Are you finding it difficult to process stress in a healthy way? Is anxiety or phobia impacting your life? Positive CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) can be very effective for anxiety disorders:
Anxiety · 27. September 2020
Is fear and anxiety about coronavirus overwhelming you? Are you constantly worried about what could happen to you or your loved ones and is this having a negative impact on your mental health?
Anxiety · 15. April 2020
Are you experiencing stress, fear or worry about COVID-19? Do you feel powerless because of the uncertainty? Psychotherapy can help overcome coronavirus anxiety using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques:
Anxiety · 19. Juni 2019
When anxiety symptoms begin to interfere with your life, this can be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Here are 7 common symptoms as well as tips to reduce them naturally:
Anxiety · 29. Juli 2018
Are you suffering from anxiety and seeking help from an English speaking therapist in Hamburg, Germany? I'm bilingual (British/German) and offer cognitive behavioral therapy to treat panic, phobia, social anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder. Here's more about how I work: