Couples therapy

Couples therapy · 21. Juli 2019
Relationships between Germans and non-German partners have their own set of challenges. Here's how bilingual couples counselling can help overcome the 3 most common intercultural relationship issues:
Couples therapy · 27. Juni 2019
Couples who face this dilemma mostly have other issues which are simply not being addressed. Couples therapy can help identify what each partner really wants:
Couples therapy · 29. Mai 2019
If you found out that your partner cheated on you, you may want to try and keep the relationship going, in spite of what happened. Here's what you need to know in order to heal your relationship:
Couples therapy · 08. Mai 2019
Are you thinking about starting couples counselling in Germany? Here are 5 things you should know before:
Couples therapy · 11. April 2019
Couples living abroad can experience lots of relationship problems. Here are the 4 most common issues couples struggle with when they move to a new country:
Couples therapy · 06. Januar 2019
A couples counselling session can actually be something to enjoy. If you haven't been able to communicate well, then this is a unique way to emotionally reconnect:
Couples therapy · 03. Oktober 2018
Sometimes, seemingly successful relationships can become turbulent. If you're having doubts about your relationship, it can help to ask yourself the following 5 questions: