Couples therapy

Couples therapy · 07. Mai 2020
Do you sometimes speak to your partner and sense that he or she is not listening to you? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself in order to avoid unpleasant feelings:
Couples therapy · 19. März 2020
If you're a couple living in Hamburg, Germany and would like to start couples counselling in spite of self-isolation due to COVID-19, you can book a couples session online. Here's how it works:
Couples therapy · 23. Februar 2020
One of the simplest yet most effective exercises in couples therapy is one that you can easily do at home. It will immediately improve your relationship, but you will need to practice it more than one time. Here's how to do it:
Couples therapy · 09. Februar 2020
Goal setting is one of the most important things for couples who want to start counselling. However, a lot of couples struggle with the idea of setting goals. Here's some advice on how to identify the things you want to change in your relationship:
Couples therapy · 08. Dezember 2019
Couples starting counselling often have to first understand the difference between wanting and needing someone as this can be the key to having a successful relationship:
Couples therapy · 27. November 2019
Goal setting is very important for couples who want to improve their relationship by seeing a counsellor. Although there are many standard goals for couples counselling, my experience shows that these five work best:
Couples therapy · 29. September 2019
Expats in Germany often try hard to fit in with the Germans and especially to get along with their in-laws. However, the social structure in Germany is complex and difficult to grasp. Here's what you can do:
Couples therapy · 15. September 2019
Using agile techniques to manage your personal life can help you stay strong as a couple in long-term committed relationships. Here's how it works:
Couples therapy · 21. Juli 2019
Relationships between Germans and non-German partners have their own set of challenges. Here's how bilingual couples counselling can help overcome the 3 most common intercultural relationship issues:
Couples therapy · 27. Juni 2019
Couples who face this dilemma mostly have other issues which are simply not being addressed. Couples therapy can help identify what each partner really wants:

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