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English speaking therapist · 12. März 2020
If you are isolated due to the coronavirus or if you simply don't like to leave your house these days, you can still access counselling services from home. Here are 3 reasons why online and phone counselling sessions work:
English speaking therapist · 20. November 2019
If you feel that anxiety issues are holding you back and putting your life on hold, it helps to understand what anxiety actually means:
English speaking therapist · 04. September 2019
Expats in Germany are often faced with a lot of stress and pressure to succeed, especially when they are working. For some, this can be too stressful. Here's what you can do:
English speaking therapist · 30. Dezember 2018
Being creative can re-establish the connection with your authentic self in one of the most beautiful ways:
English speaking therapist · 17. Mai 2017
Inner child healing is about reconnecting with supressed emotions, for which psychology uses the metaphore of an "inner child". But what is the inner child and how does the healing work? Read more in this article: