Living in Germany and feeling depressed? How built-up issues can increase abroad

If you have moved to Germany recently and cannot bring yourself to feel at home, then you will probably feel very much out of place and lonely. Expat depression is quite common, so maybe you should start looking for help. This is how psychotherapy can change your life abroad for the better:


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Seeking couples therapy in Hamburg, Germany? 4 Tips


If you are living abroad as a couple, you may experience sudden problems in your relationship which you did not have at home. In this case, couples therapy can strengthen and improve your relationship. Here are 4 tips for expats seeking couples therapy in Hamburg, Germany:


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Inner child therapy: How it works


Inner child healing is about reconnecting with supressed emotions, for which psychology uses the metaphore of an "inner child". But what is the inner child and how does the healing work? Read more in this article:

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Looking for an English speaking therapist in Hamburg?

We all need a little help sometimes and positive change can happen with the right approach. But psychotherapy is about language and this can be difficult if you are living abroad. Read more about my work as an English speaking therapist in Hamburg:

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