Are you struggling with your German in-laws?


Expats in Germany often try hard to fit in with the Germans and especially to get along with their in-laws. However, the social structure in Germany is complex and difficult to grasp. Here's what you can do: 

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How to improve your relationship with Agile Scrum


Using agile techniques to manage your personal life can help you stay strong as a couple in long-term committed relationships. Here's how it works:


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How bilingual couples therapy can help build a cultural bridge


Relationships between Germans and non-German partners have their own set of challenges. Here's how bilingual couples counselling can help overcome the 3 most common intercultural relationship issues:

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If your partner doesn't want kids, but you do, then babies are not the only issue


Couples who face this dilemma mostly have other issues which are simply not being addressed. Couples therapy can help identify what each partner really wants: 


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7 signs of an anxiety disorder (with helpful calming techniques)


When anxiety symptoms begin to interfere with your life, this can be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Here are 7 common symptoms as well as tips to reduce them naturally:


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How to start couples counselling in Germany:


Are you thinking about starting couples counselling in Germany? Here are 5 things you should know before:

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Expat relationships: 4 most common problems


Couples living abroad can experience lots of relationship problems. Here are the 4 most common issues couples struggle with when they move to a new country:


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Professional help for panic attacks: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Hamburg, Germany


Are you experiencing sudden rushes of intense fear or discomfort, including a racing heart, sweating, shortness of breath or chest pain? MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) is an effective treatment for panic disorder: 

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Expat loneliness: How to make friends with Germans


Being an expat in Germany can be as exciting as it can be frustrating. One common problem that expats often face is loneliness. Here's how you can make new friends in Germany quickly:


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What to do if your child speaks German and you don't:

If you're an English speaking expat living in Germany, your child will probably soon start to speak German with you as well. Here's what you can do against the language barrier:

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What happens in couples counselling?


A couples counselling session can actually be something to enjoy. If you haven't been able to communicate well, then this is a unique way to emotionally reconnect:

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How art therapy can help reconnect with yourself


Being creative can re-establish the  connection with your authentic self in one of the most beautiful ways:


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"Why are Germans so closed off?" Tips for Expats living in Germany


German social behaviour differs extremely from, let's say, English speakers' behaviour. This can lead to expats feeling a lot of frustration, irritation and loneliness. Here's some advice on how to get those Germans to loosen up:

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Feeling stuck? Same sex couples counselling in Hamburg, Germany


Sometimes, seemingly successful relationships can become turbulent. If you're having doubts about your relationship, it can help to ask yourself the following 5 questions:

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Treating anxiety: Cognitive behavioural therapy in Hamburg, Germany

Are you suffering from anxiety and seeking help from an English speaking therapist in Hamburg, Germany? I'm bilingual (British/German) and offer cognitive behavioural therapy to treat panic, phobia, social anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder. Here's more about how I work:

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Are you an Expat in Hamburg, Germany, and struggling with symptoms of burnout?


Moving to a new country every couple of years can cause strong feelings of exhaustion, resignation or even hopelessness. A new job, a new home or a new baby can confront you with a series of changes in quick succession. Here are 3 tips for avoiding "change fatigue":

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Couples therapy in Hamburg, Germany: 4 quick steps to improve communication


Daily life can pull couples apart, especially when living abroad. Communication is essential, but sometimes couples have never learned to communicate constructively. Here are 4 simple ways to quickly improve communication in a relationship:

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Living in Germany and feeling depressed? How built-up issues can increase abroad

If you have moved to Germany recently and cannot bring yourself to feel at home, then you will probably feel very much out of place and lonely. Expat depression is quite common, so maybe you should start looking for help. This is how psychotherapy can change your life abroad for the better:


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Seeking couples therapy in Hamburg, Germany? 4 Tips


If you are living abroad as a couple, you may experience sudden problems in your relationship which you did not have at home. In this case, couples therapy can strengthen and improve your relationship. Here are 4 tips for expats seeking couples therapy in Hamburg, Germany:


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Inner child therapy: How it works


Inner child healing is about reconnecting with supressed emotions, for which psychology uses the metaphore of an "inner child". But what is the inner child and how does the healing work? Read more in this article:

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Looking for an English speaking therapist in Hamburg?

We all need a little help sometimes and positive change can happen with the right approach. But psychotherapy is about language and this can be difficult if you are living abroad. Read more about my work as an English speaking therapist in Hamburg:

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