Expats in Germany

Expats in Germany · 24. Februar 2019
Being an expat in Germany can be as exciting as it can be frustrating. One common problem that expats often face is loneliness. Here's how you can make new friends in Germany quickly:
Expats in Germany · 17. Februar 2019
One of the most common features of expat depression is negative thinking. Unrealistic expectations, lack of a support network and dealing with the foreign language can create a lot of pessimism. Here are 3 effective tipps:
Expats in Germany · 27. Januar 2019
If you're an English speaking expat living in Germany, your child will probably soon start to speak German with you as well. Here's what you can do against the language barrier:
Expats in Germany · 31. Oktober 2018
German social behaviour differs extremely from, let's say, English speakers' behaviour. This can lead to expats feeling a lot of frustration, irritation and loneliness. Here's some advice on how to get those Germans to loosen up: