English phobia: Root causes and remedies


The fear of speaking English has become a widespread phenomenon. Language schools, however, offer no satisfactory solution, because psychological causes are not fully understood:


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Foreign language phobia: 4 questions to ask yourself


If you have a fear of speaking a foreign language, it can be important to identify possible positive aspects that may come with having this fear. This will help you understand its cause: 

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"I knew how to speak German, but I just couldn't get it out"

The fear of speaking German (or any foreign language) is more common, than you would expect. This is Matthew's story, a 32-year-old physical therapist from the UK:


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Phobia of speaking German: You don't have to live with it!


People who suffer from an unexplainable fear of speaking German often believe that they are the only one having these problems. But the fact is, there are many people out there who suffer from a so-called "foreign language anxiety". Here's what you can do:

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Terrified of speaking German? 5 Tips to beat the fear

Just the thought of speaking German makes you feel nervous? If you fear speaking German, you're not alone - there is a name for how you feel: foreign language anxiety. Here are some tips for reducing the fear:

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