Individual session, 60 minutes - 130€


Most of my clients visit me twice a month. In special cases, or if you simply want to get faster results, the session frequency can be changed to once a week. The length of sessions is normally 60 minutes, which can also be changed to 90 or 120 minutes, if desired:


Individual session, 90 minutes - 165€

Individual session, 120 minutes - 200€

Health insurance coverage:

Please note that your health insurance will probably not cover the cost, as I am not registered with the German health insurance companies. 

How long does it take for therapy to work?

We will discuss the estimated length of treatment in your first session, depending on your present difficulties and your individual therapy goals. In general, most of my patients feel a positive change of mood right from the beginning and most of my patients need approx. 4 sessions to feel a significant change in the way they think, feel and react to certain circumstances.